Software engineer, Ruby on Rails and Node.js aficionado, tinkerer. I am particularly interested in solving challenging data problems, building complex systems from start to finish, and connecting the digital and physical world together.

My personal claim to fame is Twitterfall, a web client for Twitter I built with a fellow Computer Science friend that received national media attention in 2009. Everything I have done since can be traced back to building Twitterfall.

More recently I have been pouring my heart and soul into a digital product consultancy called Pixie Labs, where I lead the engineering division. I've been in charge of the technical development for dozens of products and projects, both in-house and for clients big and small. Everything from a tool for sharing secrets in your browser, bespoke electronics for a digital art exhibition, architecting an e-commerce platform for one of London's top coffee companies, and building a platform for making sense of government spending.

When I'm not in front of a terminal cutting code for Pixie Labs, I also have quite a few projects of my own. Twitterfall kick-started my career, and I still look after it and its tens of thousands of users. I've built an RSS reader for the Twitter generation called Rivered. I've made a tool for checking train times that is purpose-built for rail commuters called Traintrack. I co-host a podcast called Octal FM about games and technology. I run regular LAN video gaming events under the banner 'HavenLANs' multiple times a year.