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Alcohol Free Beer

Last updated 17th June 2022. There are 51 beers on this list.

I have chronic heartburn and alcohol is a huge trigger. I love beer and thankfully alcohol free (0.5% or lower in the UK) beer doesn’t seem to affect me. I am on a quest to try lots of AF beer and share my findings with anyone who might be interested.

Scroll down to see my favourite AF beers, and some that I tend to avoid.

Where to buy (in the UK)

  • Direct, especially from AF breweries like Big Drop and Mash Gang, but also from the larger breweries like Brew Dog.
  • In supermarkets. Variety varies massively not only between companies but also in locations, so shop around.
  • In specialty bottle shops which will now often have a low alcohol section.
  • Online retailers both specialist and general.

Where to drink

It is quite tough to find AF beer when you’re out. You can usually find some cans of Brew Dog, maybe you’ll see some cans of Big Drop. But it’s frustrating that some of the most average AF beers are the only ones you can buy and it’s expensive.

And good fucking luck finding any AF beer on tap, especially in nice independent establishments. A lot of places seem to stock it early in the year and then take it off once Dry January is over and everyone has given up giving up. It’s also really hard (short of calling venues) to find out what they have on tap. Online lists of venues go out of date fast.

I’m working on a project to help get up-to-date lists of places with (good) AF beer on tap, stay tuned.

My tier list

Obviously this is completely subjective; you may like different types of beer to me! For context I typically like strong, crafty, hoppy, floral beers. I can appreciate other types of beer, but I wouldn’t tend to choose them off a menu against something else.

Where I’ve remembered to do so, I’ve added my tasting notes. I’m not a beer tasting expert so these are just my amateur thoughts.

Finally, I’ve included links where you can buy the beers direct from the brewery where possible.

The tiers are: S, A, B, C, and F.

S Tier

These are my absolute favourites that stand above anything else. They’re the ones I immediately try to buy more of and rave about to friends.

Victoria Sin Alcohol

I had this in Marbella and taste-tested it against the alcoholic equivalent and it’d be hard to tell them apart in a blind taste test. You couldn’t tell which one had alcohol and which didn’t.

It’s not my usual type of beer I drink but Victoria get to go in S Tier simply because they’ve done such a good job.

Merakai Brewing Co. ‘This is a Thrist Trap’

This is a Thirst Trap

Boy is there a lot going on in this one. There’s some fruit, some sweet, some bitter, and some wheaty flavours, with a nice sour aftertaste on the edges of your tongue. I really love it when breweries manage to make an AF beer that isn’t one dimensional (e.g. just bitter or just fruity), so this deserves a spot in S Tier.

Buy: This has disappeared from Merakai’s website but you can still find some stock of it elsewhere like Wise Bartender.

Athletic Brewing Co Free Wave

An excellent hazy IPA. Great mouth-feel, hoppy and floral notes, with a nice crisp bitter finish that lingers in the mouth for a while after. I bought 24 cans of this to fill my fridge after first tasting it.

Reluctantly shared some cans with friends who also agreed it was good.

Nervously emailed Athletic when it disappeared from their shop but they assured me it’s coming back soon…

Buy: Currently out of stock at Athletic Brewing at the time of writing but keep an eye open.

Signature Brew Lo-Fi

Signature Brew Lo-Fi Sadly no longer available. This was so good I bought a whole crate for me and a friend who was experimenting with low alcohol beers because it was too good not to share. Cloudy like Mash Gang Chug. Made with Simcoe hops. Fruity & floral.

Lowtide West Coast Hop Lock, NEIPA the Cosmic Turtle and Forgot My Pils

Lowtide West Coast Hop Lock

All three of these beers from Lowtide are excellent and disappearing fast from my fridge. I may re-tier them at some point; the NEIPA stands out amongst the three having now had them all. But you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Buy: Lowtide Brewing Co

Lowtide Promises I Made Myself

Like the rest of the beers from Lowtide this was also delicious. Super tasty, hoppy, great aroma and much better carbonation and mouth-feel than the NEIPA and West Coast from Lowtide.

Buy: Lowtide Brewing Co

A Tier

These are my favourite beers that I’ll always pick up when I can. Not all of them are mainstays at breweries so may no longer be available.

There’s a lot of IPAs on this list because that’s what I’d generally drink, but don’t miss out on Big Drop’s Milk Stout. It’s an AF beer that you really need to try without comparing it to actual beer. If you do, I think you’ll like it.

Brew Dog Hazy AF

Finally an alcohol free beer from Brew Dog that deserves a place in my A tier. Pubs: Please stock this instead of Punk AF!


Funky Fluid Point Five

From a Polish brewery. Very cloudy, very hoppy, a bitter finish, and kept its head for a reasonably amount of time for an AF beer. It’s very close to S Tier but it has a little bit too much of that sweet, cereal (think wheatabix) flavour that you get in a lot of AF beers, and that’s what lingers in your mouth the most after sipping it. So close though, good job Funky Fluid! I would probably buy a case of this to fill the fridge.

Reminds me a lot of the S-Tier Signature Brew Lo-Fi.

Buy: Funky Fluid if you’re in Poland. In the UK I bought it from Wise Bartender.

Sambrook’s Stand Easy

I wasn’t expecting such a great AF beer from a relatively ‘normy’ craft brewery! It’s not quite to my taste; there’s a bit too much bitterness and malty-ness and not enough floral notes. But it’s got depth, complexity, and good carbonation. It’s not too weak either.

Buy: Sambrook’s

Northern Monk Holy Faith

Holy Faith What a great non-alcholic beer from an established brewery. Hits all the right notes for a tasty IPA.

Buy: At the time of writing it’s sold out at Northern Monk but available elsewhere.

Athletic Brewing Co Run Wild IPA

This is a little unfair. Their Free Wave Hazy IPA (in my S Tier) is just so good it makes Run Wild seem…worse…even though it’s still excellent.

Buy: Athletic Brewing

Ridgeside Light and Sound

A tasty slightly hazy IPA that’s right up my street. Easy to drink.

Buy: Ridgeside

Lowtide ‘Our Future is Golden’

Not quite as good as the other beers from Lowtide but still super tasty.

Buy: Lowtide

Mash Gang Chug XPA

Mash Gang Chug XPA Bought a can at MK Biergarten. Absolutely delicious. I think I’m a sucker for cloudy beers, alcohol or no alcohol. One of the few AF beers that really captures the floral notes I like in a beer. Also has a really great hoppy and citric after-taste. A little harshly carbonated. Pour it and let it sit for a bit.

Buy: Mash Gang

Big Drop Wildtrack APA

Big Drop Wildtrack APA Quite bitter. Kinda fruity, like a sweet blackcurrant. Very carbonated. A little bit lager-y. Probably not as good as their Paradiso Citra IPA. Has some spice like a mince pie…kinda aniseed-y maybe?

Buy: Big Drop

Big Drop x Hop Notch: Fläderlätt Elderflower IPA

big drop fladerlatt

Gluten free. Seasonal so may not be around forever.

Buy: Big Drop

Big Drop Waterslide IPA

big drop waterslide

Gluten free. Part of their summer season but still available in Winter 2021 so may be around for a while.

Buy: Big Drop

Big Drop Paradiso Citra IPA

big drop paradiso

Gluten free. One of Big Drop’s mainstays and won awards in 2020. I’ve had this on draught and it’s a delicious pint. That’s the reason it belongs in A Tier.

Buy: Big Drop

Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout

big drop galactic milk stout A really interesting take on a stout beer. Even if you wouldn’t normally drink darker beers like stout, don’t pass this one up.

Buy: Big Drop

Days Pale Ale 0.0%

Days is a great fridge filler. It doesn’t really taste of beer, instead it tastes very strongly of fruit, especially grapefruit. It’s nicely balanced, and makes for a really tasty, easy drink especially suited to a summer day or BBQ. Reasonably priced, quick to order direct from Days. Altogether this great package means Days just sneaks in to the A Tier.

Buy: Days

B Tier

These are beers that I enjoy drinking and would purchase if I was in a pinch, but don’t particularly stand out to me as great beers compared to those in my S and A tiers.

Alhambra Sin

Another Spanish lager, very inoffensive and perfectly drinkable, much like the lagers it tries to imitate. Would order out (with a tapa) but wouldn’t seek it out otherwise.

First Chop Yes Anytime IPA

A very inoffensive beer. Plenty of bitterness, reasonably carbonated (perhaps a little too much), a nice aftertaste. Not particularly stand out but very easy to drink.

Devil’s Peak Into the Mountains

Lots of grapefruit flavours, great aroma, strong taste. But not a lot of depth to the flavour so whilst it’s delicious it isn’t necessarily that great as a beer. Would drink again though!

Browar Maryensztadt Freeky APA

Inoffensive but also pretty watery and low on flavour. Some hoppy, sweet notes.

To Øl Implosion (0.3%)

Implosion I actually really enjoyed this and would probably purchase it again. It’s just too far away from beer for me to put it in the A Tier. It’s very fruity and sweet with very little bitterness or any flavour that you would classify as ‘beer-y’. You could tell someone it’s a fruit soft drink and they’d probably believe you. But what redeems it is that the flavour packs a real punch.

There’s a 0.0% one too, which I haven’t tried yet.

Buy: From To Øl in Denmark of course, but here in the UK you can get it from Wise Bartender

Ridgeside x Mash Gang Nothing But The Snow

Most AF beers have a watery taste not present in alcoholic beers. Maybe it’s the name, but this one is particularly watery, with a little hoppy bitterness on top. Not as strong as other Mash Gang & Ridgeside beers.

Buy: Ridgeside

Mash Gang Unlucky Charms

OK this definitely stands out but I’m not sure I’d buy a case of it. Tasty, but a little too experimental for my liking. Tastes like you’ve dropped some sweets in the bottom of your glass for a few hours.

Buy: I don’t think this is being brewed any more but you can still find some stock online.

Lowtide Brune-DMC

Tasty; bitter and malty, with a slightly sweet finish. But also a little thin and not really to my taste. It’s going for a Belgian beer vibe and I think it hits it!

Buy: Lowtide

Lervig No Worries

Plenty of complexity in this one, which is nice! Very bitter, a little malty, not super hoppy. Kinda reminds me of Punk IPA at times. A good mouth-feel but a bit too harshly carbonated for me; pour it aggressively into a glass and let it sit for a bit and it improves.

Buy: Here and there online.

Lervig No Worries Pineapple

Tastes of pineapple, unsurprisingly. Easy to drink but very far away from an alcoholic beer!

Buy: Here and there online.

Infinite Session IPA

infinite session ipa

Very easy to drink. Not particularly standout but bonus points because my local Sainsbury’s sells it.

Buy: Infinite Session

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale

big drop pine trail

Does a good job of imparting hoppy and floral flavours, with a pretty bitter aftertaste. This was my introduction to Big Drop!

Buy: Big Drop

BrewDog Nanny State

brewdog nanny state

Was my favourite of the Brew Dog AF beers before Hazy AF. Is weirdly dark in colour for its light taste.

Buy: BrewDog

Big Drop Fieldhopper Golden Ale

big drop fieldhopper

Tastes quite a lot like a bitter lager. That’s not unpleasant, just not expected for the description of a ‘Golden Ale’. Not really to my taste, but I think others would enjoy it a lot. If you like Lucky Saint but want something a bit less sweet you might like this.

Buy: Big Drop

Big Drop Poolside DDH IPA

big drop poolside

Gluten free. Another seasonal beer from Big Drop. I forgot to write tasting notes for this one! I’ll try and remember next time…

Buy: Big Drop

Lucky Saint

I don’t tend to drink lager so it’s difficult for me to compare this to its alcoholic brethren. Managed to keep a head for longer than thirty seconds so beats out some competition there. Smells like lager. A lot of cereal flavours. Some sweetness but not too much. Not very watery. A long-lasting, bitter aftertaste that isn’t unpleasant and is reminiscent of other bitter lagers. In other words, it’s got a fair bit of complexity, which I appreciate!

This belongs in the B Tier not because I would necessarily purchase it, but because I think it’s a technically good AF beer.

Buy: Lucky Saint

C Tier

If there’s nothing else available I’d probably drink these, but I’m not going to go out of my way to stock my fridge with them.

Põhjala Tundra IPA

I had high hopes for this. There is some promise here but honestly it smells awful (like…you catch a whiff of drains awful) and that ruins it because otherwise there’s a start of some good flavours here.

Buy: Wise Bartender

All four of Drop Bear’s selection

I picked up a mixed selection of Drop Bear and it’s all OK but not outstanding. I’d rather pick up a selection from Big Drop.

Buy: Direct from Drop Bear

Big Drop Woodcutter Brown Ale

big drop woodcutter

Like a lighter version of their milk stout - similar dark flavours of coffee etc.

Buy: Big Drop

Adnams Ghost Ship

adnams ghost ship

Definitely tastes more like a traditional ale, like the beer it shares a name with. Apparently they de-alcoholise actual Ghost Ship to make this, so it’s not surprising it tastes similar. It’s not bad, but is perhaps a little too sweet for me.

Buy: Adnams

BrewDog Elvis AF

brewdog elvis af

Like sparkling grapefruit. I guess Elvis Juice is a bit like that as well, but this is even more so. Just a bit too thin for me.

Buy: BrewDog

BrewDog Punk AF

brewdog punk af

Like Elvis AF, this just tastes a bit weak and watery for me.

Buy: BrewDog

F Tier

I don’t plan to buy or drink these again. These might not be objectively bad drinks; you might personally like what they’re trying to achieve, but they’re not for me.

Brulo Sabro Galaxy

I like Idaho 7 from Brulo a lot but this was so disappointing. Very sweet, not a great aroma either.

Beavertown Lazer Crush

beavertown lazercrush

Maybe I’m being a bit unfair on Lazer Crush; it has won awards! But I found it to be pretty watery and smelled more like a fruit cocktail than a beer. It wasn’t hoppy at all. If anything it was very refreshing, and very mild. But to me it seemed so far away from a ‘beer’ drink that I wouldn’t choose it if I wanted a beer.

Buy: Beavertown

Hoegarden 0,0

hoegaarden 0 0

I really did not like this, and I couldn’t even finish it. It had everything I don’t like about Hoegaarden & wheat beer. It was also super sweet.

AND UNION Tuesday Wheat beer

and union tuesday

Not quite as nasty as Hoegaarden. I don’t like wheat beer generally, so I was bound to not like this. If you’re not paying attention I think it’s actually quite similar to alcoholic wheat beers. I wonder if there’s something about wheat beer that makes it easier to reproduce as an AF beer.


Lervig No Worries - Driving Home for Christmas

It’s definitely…something. Maybe if it was Christmas this would taste OK.

Omnipollo KONX

Unpleasant metallic smell, and super sour and super sweet. Kinda like a wheat beer. Definitely not doing a good job of tasting like a pale ale. Do not recommend.

Cruzcampo Sin Alcohol

A 6 out of 5 on the Weetabix scale. You can find out what this tastes like by soaking milk in weetabix and drinking that.

On my list to try

  • Silver Rocket Brewing have a new AF beer out that sounds right up my street. Unfortunately with shipping and no other AF beers for sale in their shop it’s a bit of a commitment to pick up so I’ll keep an eye open for it elsewhere.
  • Good Karma Beer Co have some beers I’d like to try.
  • Howling Hops have joined the Dry January frenzy with a new pale ale that looks good!
  • Gweilo, a brewery from Hong Kong, have brought out an AF pale ale. I’m not sure I’ll buy direct as it’s their only one, but I’m hoping to spot it elsewhere to pick it up.
  • Ilkley Brewery Virgin Mary . They’ve also got a new AF stout out but I’ll probably give that a miss.
  • Gipsy Hill Brew have got some alcohol-free sours on the way. Collaboration with Mash Gang who are S-tier so I’m excited to try these.
  • Guinness 0.0. Recently relaunched after a recall (!) a couple of years ago, Matt Gray said good things. I wouldn’t normally drink Guinness but I’m just intrigued to taste what they’ve come up with.
  • Brooklyn Brewery’s selection (called ‘Special Effects’). It’s quite difficult to find anything other than their AF lager (which I probably wont like) so I’m not rushing to find them.
  • Anything by Another Dimension.
  • UNLTD seem to be working from the Days marketing manual. They have a lager and an IPA; I’ll probably try the IPA at some point. It won a bronze in the World Beer Awards.
  • Only with Love’s Juicy AF won gold at the European Beer Challenge 2022; keen to try it.

Have I missed one?

Please let me know if you think there’s a beer I would like! You can email me or get in touch with me on social media via the links elsewhere on this page.