As a slacking pianist, I am a sucker for music where the piano takes centre stage (see my last On Repeat post). That definitely describes my draw to this new song from Frances which is all about wanting to hold on to someone you love, but needing to let them go so they can experience new things (and grow).

I love how the song crescendos; just when you think it might be already over 2 minutes in the finale actually begins. This two-part structure weirdly reminded me of the much more upbeat Jon Schmidt’s ‘Love Story meets Viva La Vida', especially as the vocals build.

Part of what makes the piano part sound so great is it is full of cadences that resolve from dischordant-sounding 2nds (7ths?), especially in that finale; they’re everywhere![1]

I’m looking forward to her EP in July :)

[1]: My music theory is seriously rusty, this may be a terrible description of what I’m trying to point out, sorry :)