Jalada(David Somers)

  • I’m head of engineering at Pixie Labs, a UK-based software development agency. I sometimes write on the Pixie Labs blog.

  • I co-host a podcast with a friend of mine, called Octal FM. It’s basically an excuse to catch up with my pal, and we chat about anything that interests us. Mostly video games, sometimes coffee, occasionally cars.

  • I write about the alcohol free beer I drink.

Websites I’ve made

  • Twitterfall is a Twitter client from 2009 that still has some loyal users. It was once called a Google for the Twitterverse. Most of my professional life can be traced back to making Twitterfall with @x5315.

  • Rivered is an RSS reader for the Twitter generation.

  • Traintrack helps UK commuters get the info they need really quickly.

Talks I’ve done


Old blog posts are still here.